Our Methods and Products


Arkay’s Interfoil is a cold foil process, which is cost-effective and radiant in its beauty and scope. This process occurs when thru-cure foil is transferred to a substrate by means of a specialized UV curable laminating adhesive. A UV-curing adhesive is printed onto a substrate via a normal flexographic or letterpress printing station and a thru-cure foil is then laminated onto the adhesive. A UV light passes through the foil, curing the adhesive and the carrier is stripped off; the remaining foil adheres to the printed parts. This innovative in-line process brings a breathtaking luminosity and brilliance to your work, providing a larger palette on which to design.

One of the world’s premiere folding carton companies for over 87 years, Arkay provides top global cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies with highly creative cost-effective packaging solutions. Using the most advanced cutting-edge technologies in the business and working with a palette of decorative special effects, Arkay partners with designers to meet any visual challenge.